India M. Lewis ( Founder & CEO )

I am a Stationary designer, Visual Art Instructor, Visual Dance Instructor, Art Illustrator and designer, Prophetic worship Flag designer, Praise and worship leader, Prophetic Psalmist, Christian/Gospel Songwriter and Soaking Worship music Instrumentalist.

I love mentoring and encouraging people with a creative passion and vision, visions that seem impossible to reach.. I enjoy helping people bring those visions to life and creating ways to keep them flourishing. 

I am very family oriented..i have a wonderful husband ( Emanuel Lewis) who I love so dearly and has been a great impact in my life and my biggest supporter in business, ministry, as a best friend, a best brother and the best husband..he is a great support in everything that I do. We have been spiritual brothers and sisters for over 22 years and never knew that we would be married today, we never knew that "we" would be living the life that we always dream of as husband and wife. God has been our foundation in our business and in business and always will be.

We have two incredible children that we adore so much, "Da'koa Josiah" and "Isia Love" ..our son loves music, making beats, he loves to dance, he loves basketball, football and running track, he's very smart and a great protector, a great helper, he loves having fun and doing things to stay busy, he started a lawn mower business at the age of 11, he's our happy goofy kid lol!..

our daughter loves to sing and dance, she is very prophetic in her singing and dancing, she loves creating instrumentals for worship and Christian rap, she loves running track, she loves church, she's lovable and love God with all her heart, she loves people and prayers and grieves for the homeless and anyone who is in need. She has great Healing hands and very sincere in her prayers. She takes God very seriously and is very intelligent, She is our Energizer Bunny that never stops going!  I could not have asked God for a better or happier family. They are my motivation.

I knew that God had a huge plan for me starting my own business right after I started trusting him more.. because in my trusting I learned to love myself more.. I had to realize that I was worth it and valuable and the things that God put in me was for a purpose for others and not for myself.. after I totally surrendered to God it took about 3 years to put everything into play. I had no idea at the time what it would actually be or how it would be.. it took a lot of life experiences, pain, pressure and patience to get to this point in my life. through my experiences i started writing my own book  "Called To Win" which led me to start the FAM Team business. I cried through majority of my book and God was healing me internally. I realize that I had to do a lot of pouring out in order to pour in. Though my circumstances I did not give up..through my spending more time with God he revealed to me things that I didn't even know I had in me. I always loved helping and motivating people but I didn't know exactly how I would help and motivate people.

As I was growing and spending time with God I was finding out what God said about me and not want man thought of me. my idea's soon became so real and overwhelming and I just could not let go or wait any longer to be what God called me to be. I became so tired of watching people suffer and watching people not being able to succeed in life because of their fears and failures. One thing I learned is that feeling overwhelmed is not always a bad thing it can actually be a great thing depending on situation... Sometimes God has to allow you to feel overwhelmed to push you to your next level..for me it has been a feeling to get me enligned with God and to not waste my time here on earth any longer. He did not force me but he inspired me. God spoke to me through my prayers one day and said  "not only do I want you to create a book to build up and motivate people but I want you to build a business building up people so they too can know or remember that they are also called to win." He said his plan for me is to bring people to worship. True Authentic Worship brings healing and your worship will set you in the right place at the right time.

There has to be a space for you and God no matter what you do in life knowing that he is the leader of it and he is the ending of it. It starts with God and ends with God. Although there were times it seemed impossible and the enemy wanted me to give up, give in and make me think my gifts didn't matter or they wasn't enough but I learned through my spending time with God that I could do anything I put my mind to and that my gifts and talents matter while I'm here on earth. And what is better than our worship to God, what is better than bringing people into the realm of the holy Spirit. What could be better than helping a person get to where God desires for them to be. I had to remember that if God gave me the gifts then he gave them to me for a reason and a season.

I learned how much God values me and my gifts and talents and his blessings upon my life is far more greater when I can use my gifts and talents to bless someone else.  I started to realized what I was finally put on earth to do and what effects it would have on me if I did not use my gifts instead of wasting my life doing things he did not decide me to live to do. I did not want God to take them away from me. In order for us to believe in ourselves we must first believe in God, that is how we know who we are and what we are here for. And I could not believe in you if I do not believe in myself first.

Dancing, singing, drawing and writing is a great passion to have and it has always been a passion for me and it has always been a great way to enjoy life and express my love for God and God's love for others. The day I decided to release my cares, the stress and anxieties to God was the best thing I could have ever done!.. but it came with a price and the price for me was my total surrenderance to God. I realized that my gifts were not my own. my gifts was one way to give back to God to get others to God and to bless God back and to bless others for God. I grew such a strong and special desire to show others how important they are and how important their gifts are as well and how important our worship to God is.  I'm forever grateful!




Fearless Adoration Movement short for "FAM Team" because here we are not just a team but we are Family. We work together in all things create a new things everyday and a very authentic way. We have a great time but we take all of our teams very seriously and everything you come in with is very important to us. We believe in working together even when we are apart.

We are a Christian based business and ministry with a non dominational background. FAM Team was designed by God from beginning to end and the goal is motivate you to be what he call you to be every step of the way. Here we believe it starts with a either you come with a vision, have a vision but need better insight or you simply need a vision. Either way we are here for you.

Here we consider ourselves a "team" not a class, we operate by God not by script. However he leads us is what we long for and seek after. We are an ongoing business, we do not stop our sessions at a certain time, we are long term, we believe that you should do it as long as you desire it. We are called to Ascend and we will always move higher and higher in Christ Jesus. And here we don't quit believe in quitting! We believe these gifts are meant to last forever and there is always something new to learn and experience. We also minister in various places to build our confidence, and to be who God called us to be for others to see, we we have to make sure we share the good news with others for this business would not have a purpose.

we believe that it is important to have strong faith in God so that we can have better faith in ourselves. We believe that God is the author and finisher of our faith through every assignment.  God is the leader over us, our gifts, our talents and ministries and our faith in him is what will get us there and keep us there. we believe that all things are possible with God when you believe and put our beliefs into action. 

Fearless Adoration Movement was designed for Godly  creative thinkers who wants to expand in their gifts and visions. We are here to help bring creative people together in remembering that you are not alone and realizing that we are better together. We can make a difference in this world even with the same gifts but different mindsets and different stories. we are here to bring up, strengthen, motivate, encourage and inspire our teams to press in and to never ever give up or give in on the things that you love and things that you were created for.

We also encourage by selling items in our FAM Store that motivates people and helps expand their gifts in worship and their love for God. Any on hands creative ideas that God gives me I create it within the store. We also allow our FAM Team to sell their items to earn money from the store. We also sell books we created for others through the FAM Team.

we are here to help our teams be more creative and active in their actions, activities and in their thinking. We are here to help expand the mind in more creative ways  and creating space and opportunities for their creativity to come to life in a way they may have never imagined or experienced before. The goal is spreading your dreams and carrying them out boldy, and to make your visions a reality so others can be blessed by what they see. God has a plan for you and values your gifts you just have to walk in them and be willing to walk them out. It's not the easiest thing but it's not the hardest thing either. We just have to see it as the best thing.

Sometimes you just need a clearer view of what you see or maybe you need more practice and experience. maybe you need to experience your gifts with other people like you, maybe you need confidence, maybe you just want to join a team, maybe you don't know exactly where you fit but you want to be involved in creative activities or maybe you want to learn and just don't know how..Maybe you have children that need to be involved in more creative activities or maybe you need to find ways to express what they are feeling. This Team is a great team to let go and shake anxieties or fears.. maybe you want to serve here...well whatever it is...this still is the place for you! you never know what you find deep down on the inside of you!

We are International as well, we have a FAM Team in various locations that we have designed God's way. We do travel and explore didn't things. Fearless Adoration Movement is not just subject to a building, we will go out and minister with our gifts and bless and encourage others with our is a blessing to get to be a blessing.




We will be involved in and have our own worship and praise experiences, church activities concerning our gifts, concerts, worship settings, liturgical dance settings, outreach teams, holiday activities, Art Activities and you learn how to design for other people, churches and businesses etc...wherever God leads us that's where we will be.

We have monthly yard sales providing creative items created by India Lewis (Founder and CEO) and also creative items created by our Creative Arts team. This is a great way for our Arts Team to earn extra money, meet new people and share their talents with others. We also partner with other companies to provide and recieve monthly. We provide donations to our FAM Teams and to anyone who is in the homeless and anyone that is introduced to our services. we provide items for our FAM Teams as well because we don't ever want any of our teams lacking anything. Our teams are a blessing, we value our teams and we don't want anyone to be without. we understand that we all are in need sometimes. And we cannot be a family team and see our teams in need and do not sow into their lives. We are not just here to assist with gifts and talents but to also be there in the time of struggles. we provide clothing, shoes, socks, accessories, belts, hats, food, bathing supplies, hair products, skin products, laundry supplies, books, bibles, gas cards, holiday cards, holiday gifts and anything else that God sends to us. We believe that when we give God gives back to us even greater and we feel that it is a blessing to have the opportunity to give and to receive.  

Our favorite scripture is Matthew 19:26 "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible!" This is the word we stand on. This is the faith we must have to keep going and never give up. We are here knowing that we are standing on the promises of God and that his promises are new and they are never broken, he doesn't change his mind about us and he always wins.





The Lewis Family 

Our Children